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Chapter 1 Your Ideal Vs. The Reality

For design and marketing agencies, the ideal situation is this.

Chapter 2 Solution Options

One available solution is to hire someone as an employee for your team.

Chapter 3 What Can EB Pearls Do For Your Agency?

EB Pearls can assist your agency and support you in helping your
clients with high-quality white-label development work.

Chapter 4 Benefits of EB Pearls

EB Pearls offers numerous advantages over hiring your own in-house developers or using freelancers. We’re also superior to other white-label developers for small to large digital agencies. Time, cost, and quality are some of the core areas where EB Pearls has an edge over our competitors.

Chapter 5 The EB Pearls Guarantee

EB Pearls has developed processes tools and offerings according to agency needs with a focus on quality, cost, service, communication and time.

Chapter 6 Proven Results

EB Pearls has been in operation since 2006, providing outstanding outsourced, white-label developer services to satisfied digital agencies in Australia.

Chapter 7 The EB Pearls Approach

The EB Pearls approach has evolved to specialise in development resources to complement and supplement your key strengths and weaknesses.

The essential guide for growing your digital agency

Shifting market demands are redefining the way agencies do business. Small to medium marketing and design agencies are now forced to re-engineer their business models to be effective growth-engines.

In this guide we review the market these agencies are currently facing, and how a development solutions partnership with EB Pearls could be used to grow your agency

Chapter 1

Your Ideal Vs. The Reality

For design and marketing agencies, the ideal situation is this: You have an abundance of clients with great ideas.

In this ideal world, you – with your team of talented staff – easily meet the client’s requirements for design and development.
In reality, agencies are typically under capacity when it comes to development tasks unless they have a big in-house team of both designers and developers. In particular, the development facet of this work is demanding. It can overwhelm your capacity to the extent of reducing your focus on crucial design activities and fostering client relationships.
So what are your options?

Chapter 2

Solution Options

Hiring someone for your team

One available solution is to hire someone as an employee for your team. Having an in house staff member for development means you’ll have a team member who’s well-versed in your culture and processes. As they’re an employee, you’ll be able to access their skills at any time.
However, you need to dedicate time to making the right hires, and you need to deal with pay and labour costs, benefits, and entitlements. In addition, development personnel might be qualified only in one technology area, in which case you might find you need to expand your in-house team to make sure your in-house developers can address all customers needs.
This results in increased costs at a less scalable level.


A second option is to use freelancers or contractors to replace or supplement an in house development team. Freelancers give your organisation flexibility by allowing you to hire on demand, only when you need to fill in gaps in capacity or skill set. You can access the abundance of freelancers online and scale up or down in labour hours as necessary.
However, freelancers come with some potential pitfalls. Labour costs can be relatively high. They can be hard to control on development projects when you’re being charged by time rather than outcome. A difficult issue many people who use freelancers encounter is that quality can be variable.
Sourcing and screening freelancers project by project can also be time consuming and costly. And if you need support in the future, the original freelancer may no longer be available.

Outsourcing to a cheaper overseas agency

A third solution could be to outsource to cheaper overseas agencies. The main reason your digital agency may choose this option is the cost savings. In addition, like freelancers, you can access a range of skills from developers with expertise in different technologies.
Two large potential downfalls of outsourcing to overseas providers are quality concerns, and communication. In terms of communication, it’s not just about the potential language barrier – not being located in Australia could result in cultural issues, timezone differences, and different norms and practices.
And if you have a dispute, you might be denied from the legal actions available if you had worked with local providers.

EB Pearls

As a digital agency, you’ll have your own reasons for outsourcing, whether it’s a specific project that doesn’t warrant a full-time developer or freeing up in-house capacity to concentrate on critical growth activities.
Before outsourcing your development work, evaluate your core competencies and review your strengths and values. This helps you work out the gaps white-label development outsourcing needs to fill for you.
Reputable white-label developers like EB Pearls can offer developer resources for less cost than you could hire in-house, while delivering high value and expertise.
We can take the stress away from sourcing freelancers, working with poor-quality overseas agencies, and managing your own in-house team of developers. In helping bring your designs to life, we’ll take care of your coding for you, and we’ll take as much care with your project as you would. Our track record showcases our ability to deliver, with a range of case studies and positive testimonials from happy clients.
Our services encompass a range of development competencies. For web development and eCommerce websites, our development experts are proficient in WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. Our developers are also experts in mobile development for iOS and Android, for smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Our other areas of expertise include Drupal, CodeIgniter, and ASPnet.

Why use white-label outsourcing?

For agencies the reason for outsourcing development varies. Some need outside help to manage projects that don’t warrant employing another full-time developer. For some, it’s the realisation that they are focusing too much energy on managing fulfilment tasks rather than focusing on growth critical activities.
Before farming out aspects of your business, first evaluate your core competencies. Determine your strengths and values with your core competencies and capabilities. By focusing on your research and development, talent and resources it will enable your agency to strengthen your core strengths towards being the best in your field.
Chances are you already outsource part of your business operations such as payroll and legals. Extending your outsourcing for developer white-labelling has two key benefits:
– We can provide developer resources cheaper than you can.
– We add value and expertise extending your agencies effectiveness.

Onshore vs offshore developers

Onshore developers are those located either within your business as in-house developers, or as a third party developer who is located in the same country as you. This means that their rates are going to be commensurate with the national averages of the country in which you are located. Offshore developers are those located in another country, which means the average rate will be commensurate with that country’s national average and not with your country. This can represent huge cost savings to your business when you choose a third party development partner who has both a presence in your country while operating the production offshore.

Chapter 3

What Can EB Pearls Do For Your Agency?

(i) Project-by-project work

Agencies with limited developers but a constant demand for irregular, ongoing, or one off projects typically prefer our project-by-project engagement model. With this arrangement you’re quoted a fixed price and not a variable hourly price. This assists with your project budgeting and planning. It’s easy for your agency to add more resources to existing projects where necessary.
Once you’re happy with our quote, you (or your client) can work directly with our developer(s) every step of the way and watch as we bring your design to life.
Our staff are dedicated, experienced, and professional. With well over 3,000 successful projects completed, they’re seasoned in working on white-label projects with digital agencies.

(ii) Dedicated staff

If you prefer, you can also lease our developers on a monthly basis. This gives you full-time access to our expert developers who can guide and assist you with your projects. Our dedicated-staff engagement model is suitable for ongoing projects where your agency needs to scale up or down rapidly to keep your project pipeline moving.
You’ll be able to access consistent resources for technical support and maintenance, and you’ll have a project manager from our organisation assigned to you so you can quickly increase or decrease capacity if needed.

Chapter 4

Benefits of EB Pearls

EB Pearls offers numerous advantages over hiring your own in-house developers or using freelancers. We’re also superior to other white-label developers for small to large digital agencies. Time, cost, and quality are some of the core areas where EB Pearls has an edge over our competitors.
In the time dimension, we save you time by allowing your agency to quickly access developers in specialist areas, so you don’t waste time and money on sourcing the right experts.
You can expect to make cost savings in terms of unstaffed time, recruiting, and training. Additionally, you’ll save on CapEx costs associated with acquiring and upgrading physical infrastructure and equipment. Working with reputable white-label developers through EB Pearls could also save you overheads and operating costs.
Because our developers are highly trained and skilled, you’ll be investing in deliverables rather than eroding your profit margins with maintaining a full-time, general team. You’ll access a wider range of technical competencies, which can be used to complement your in-house development skill set. As technology continues to evolve, you can buffer the impact of disruptive technology as – through EB Pearls – you’ll have up-to-date skills at your fingertips without having to constantly train your in-house staff.
In times of varying demand you’ll avoid under-utilising internal developers and, when demand peaks, you can quickly scale up without time wasted on recruitment.
As the infographic below illustrates, organisations increase their profit margin and add value by focusing on value-added distribution and high-margin activities such as client advice.
Outsourcing relatively low-level tasks like development allows your organisation to divert more energy and resources to business-critical activities, which are the engine of high profit margins.
As a digital agency, focusing on core client-advice activities such as strategy, consultation, monitoring, and quality assurance lets you add value beyond digital product fulfilment and, in turn, achieve greater profit margins.

Working with a provider like EB Pearls ensures you have all the benefits of overseas outsourcing. At the same time, you might be able to avoid the potential legal risks, intellectual property concerns, and ongoing tech support issues.

Intellectual property

Where you could have concerns about intellectual property (IP) when working with overseas providers or freelancers, with EB Pearls you can rest assured the digital product IP will be owned by you (or your client). As a contractor, we don’t bind our clients through IP ownership. Everything belongs to you. We have developed legal contracts that will protect your IP in both Nepal and Australia.

Quick-start process

EB Pearls understands speed and agility are critical for agencies in the digital era. If you have an urgent need for a developer right away, you’ll be pleased to know EB Pearls offers a quick-start process. We need only a storyboard and designs with a layered resource file to get started. We understand it’s not unusual for agencies to require urgent start on development work, and we can accommodate this. In contrast, hiring in house staff and finding the right freelancer could take much more time.

Technical support

Working with overseas providers and freelancers can make it more challenging to access technical support after completion. At EB Pearls we can offer our digital-agency clients ongoing maintenance and technical support from developers with the same competencies as those who worked with you on the original project.


You can easily scale up by engaging additional EB Pearls developers as you need. We can grow with you to help your agency achieve project success. As your projects fluctuate, you can scale down without hassle. While freelancers offer this benefit, you can’t be guaranteed the same quality and skill.


With EB Pearls, you’re guaranteed high-quality, qualified developers. Our developers are trained in our own colleges. They undergo a rigorous selection process designed to ensure they have the necessary skills. This saves you from having to conduct time- and cost-intensive recruitment and selection exercises when hiring full-time developers or choosing freelancers.


All developers and other staff at EB Pearls understand the value of communication and accessibility. We stay in touch with you all the time, and we’ll keep you up to date on the status of your development project. Our team has a demonstrated ability to work to the time difference between Australia and our Nepal teams. Our virtual, on-demand developers in Nepal start their day at 8am, providing a 4+ hours time zone overlap with Australia. Your project manager is available to contact from 1pm AEST.
Take advantage of global time zones through our delivery method, and benefit from longer days that allow you to work around the clock. For example, an enhancement requested at the end of the day in Australia could be developed in Nepal for the start of your next work day. You can compete with a 100+ person office in a single time zone through multinational teams.

Working with a provider like EB Pearls ensures you have all the benefits of overseas outsourcing. At the same time, you might be able to avoid the potential legal risks, intellectual property concerns, and ongoing tech support issues.

Reporting and project visibility

At EB Pearls, we think of our developers as your agency’s developers. We prioritise accountability at every stage, and our developers are always ready to provide you with a status update. We use JIRA Reporting to ensure you know the latest updates, and we’re always available to our agency clients to chat in real time through Skype. If you work with an overseas freelancer, you might not be guaranteed the same commitment to reporting and communication.


Working with EB Pearls means you’ll bypass the need to waste time finding a suitable developer, whether you’re looking for a freelancer or an inhouse hire. There’s no worrying you’ll end up with a low-quality developer if you don’t spend days or even weeks looking for the right freelancer or employee developer for hire. In addition, speeding up your time to market can lead to better revenue margins, more efficient management, and market familiarity leading to fewer surprises.

Staff in Australia

Sydney-based consultants provide convenient local project liaison as your primary point of call for your account management. Projects are managed directly with project managers based in Nepal.

EB Pearls effectively manages geographically distributed teams through superior industry project management. You’re always in the loop with our integration of technology, this means agencies can communicate seamlessly with their developers.

Chapter 5

The EB Pearls Guarantee

EB Pearls has developed processes tools and offerings according to agency needs with a focus on quality, cost, service, communication and time. We care about your agency and it’s success, if you are successful – we are successful.

Quality assurance

EB Pearls prides itself on execution, deadlines and keeping commitments.
– Both quality relationships and quality work.
– We are committed to building mutually beneficial longterm relationships with agencies.
– Project monitoring to meet EB Pearls professional standards.
– High quality tech talent educated in our own college.
– Quality expectations are definitely relative and culturally specific.

Transparent pricing

EB Pearls has a clear and transparent pricing structure:
Project by project leasing – 50% upfront payment
– 50% payment on completion
Staff leasing – Upfront payment on a monthly basis
– No hidden costs
– Contract management
– Only use during peak periods
– No lock in arrangements
– Ability to utilise part-time resources
– On demand availability

Visibility through Project Management

– Control
– Contractual dispute resolution processes
– Local support
– Processes/ programs / milestones / setting clear expectations

Long-term support

You can hire staff to take on maintenance and support after your project. Alternatively, hiring dedicated staff means they can act as maintenance and support.
The benefit of this is you have an existing business relationship with your developers meaning project familiarity.
– Constant communication to ensure project success
– We view our business relationships through a long-term lens; strategic partnerships
– Hyperspeed deal making through familiar relationships ensuring speed to the market
– Availability for future support

Chapter 6

Proven Results

EB Pearls has been in operation since 2006, providing outstanding outsourced, white label developer services to satisfied digital agencies in Australia. Our extensive portfolio and testimonials from happy clients are evidence of our ability to deliver results for our agency customers, as well as the awards we have won.


We have 200 developers based in our Kathmandu office, which is the largest IT company in Nepal. In the past 11 years of operation, we have continued to refine our processes and strengthen our developer competencies. We have produced more than 3,400 projects across a wide range of industries including retail, corporate, real estate, government, not for-profit, and healthcare.
Our history of proven results is why you can put your trust in us.

Case Study

Please see here an example of the exceptional development work we performed for just one of our digital agency clients on a project for the New South Wales Department of Education: the Industry Engagement Diary.
Read our case study here.
This iOS and Android mobile app was designed to allow students to track their completion hours for vocational placements, and for teachers to gather the necessary information easily.
The app would log accurate placement hours as well as provide information on events, resources, and industry contacts. It also had to integrate with the Department of Education’s existing platform so the data could be transferred effortlessly to the platform.
With the help of EB Pearls’ developers, the resulting app successfully replaced the former time-consuming data-collection system. It provided both students and teachers with a more reliable, accurate, intuitive, and user-friendly platform for logging and sharing placement data.


Don’t take our word for it.
These testimonials from our happy clients demonstrate why we’re the best white-label developer to work with.

“ Professional, innovative and proactive team. We had a custom Magento store up and running in good time, together with features and suggestions that exceeded our initial expectations. EB Pearls is one of the most profession ecommerce website development agency we have worked with. ” – Jamie Angus

“ I have found EB Pearls great to work with. They offer high level, innovative and affordable app development. I appreciate that they view our business relationship through a long term lense, always working to find a solution that will help my business’s growth. I look forward to continuing to work with the EB Pearls team. ” – Lisa Brown, co-owner, Impact Apps

“ I’ve always turned to EB Pearls when I need technology expertise. I’ve had a relationship with EB Pearls for over two years and have tasked them with a number of projects. I’ve found the team are always striving to improve and will always put the client first. ” – Kevin Jochelson, Founder of

“ EB Pearls have been really great to work with. They always deliver on time and our designs are always implemented with pixel perfect accuracy. The team is fast to respond to any questions or requests that we have and always willing to go the extra mile. I highly recommend them! ” – Chen Ryan

Chapter 7

The EB Pearls Approach

The EB Pearls approach has evolved to specialise in development resources to complement and supplement your key strengths and weaknesses. Through our innovative white-labelling development approach, you will have complete control over your project scope as well as project management.
We provide you with the right team and skill set to produce successful digital solutions. Over the past 11 years of operation we have tested and improved our business offering over the years refining our processes. During this period we have established a team of over 200 developers. 3400 projects have been produced across various industries including; retail, corporate, real estate, government and nonprofits and healthcare.
Through documentation, standardisation, continuity and security we are able to extend the EP Pearls promise to you.

Our process

Our process is straightforward: we specialise in development resources to complement and supplement your agency’s key strengths and weaknesses. You have complete control over project scope as well as project management.


We start with a planning stage where your agency and EB Pearls gain a mutual understanding of needs, capabilities, and capacities. The result is a clear understanding of the developer specialities required for successful project completion.
A contract is drawn for maximum transparency and understanding.


EB Pearls has developed a comprehensive onboarding process including non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, transitional management, and an orientation on our standardised processes.


This provides us both the opportunity to explore opportunities to work together towards mutual benefits. In order to do so it’s necessary to disclose confidential business information.
We offer our agency clients complete legal compliance through NDA’s for ease of mind.


Transitioning the work isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of moving parts so it’s not so straightforward. Change management is required to transition people and knowledge towards the new agency service delivery model.
To smoothly transition projects to EB Pearls, you are able to opt for the project by project staff leasing model, which allows you to shift development work to us incrementally to carry desired volumes forward.


Before launching your agency partnership with us we run you through our standardised processes.
Our induction program outline consists of outsourcing success drivers, including; how to ensure developers are integrated as a part of your team, managing expectations, how tasks are documented, how deadlines are set, how to request meetings and leveraging collaboration tools for effective project management.


EB Pearls will prioritise communication at every stage of the project. Regular communication, constructive feedback, reviews, questions, and revisions are all core parts of our processes. We ensure project visibility through live chat, accessibility, and clearly defined milestones.

Business structure

Our Sydney and Melbourne offices handle the infrastructure aspect of our service. These local offices are staffed with account managers who can liaise directly with you, face to face if you prefer, about your agency’s projects.
Our large development team of 200 expert developers is based in Kathmandu. With a four to five hour time zone overlap with Australia, we can guarantee availability and accessibility every working day.
Our unique local-and-overseas-office business structure is designed to strengthen project alignment and oversight.

Payment terms

EB Pearls providers a transparent pricing structure with no hidden costs and payments. 50% is paid upfront and the remaining 50% upon completion with the project-by-project engagement model. Under the staff-leasing engagement model, you simply pay upfront on a monthly basis.
We offer on-demand availability, and with no lock-in arrangements, you can enjoy as much flexibility as you choose.

With our commitment to project visibility, quality relationships, project monitoring and quality high-tech talent, EB Pearls is the white-label developer provider for your digital agency.


If you’re interested, we invite you to try our services one week free of charge. We’ll offer your agency a free, small initial project to demonstrate our work methods, efficiency, and commitment to quality and up-to-date communication.

Start a trial project today, risk free. We’ll help you hit and exceed your growth projection.

Contact us today to discover how we as a white-label provider can deliver exceptional value for your agency.

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